Trees!  Big, small, tall, short, green, brown, yellow, red, orange, flower-bearing, fruit-bearing, barren, shade giving or just joy giving trees- they surround us. They have been around since the beginning of time and will be well  beyond and after us. With increased awareness about climate change and environment, measures are consciously being taken to conserve, protect, reuse, reduce and recycle. This is a story of a tree…


A tree that brought and continues to bring joy to all ages, all races, men, women and children in our community, more so after it was cut down. Just another random tree inconspicuous  amongst all others lining the road until it was found to be hazardous and cut down. And then it came to life! Because those living in the neighboring home converted the loss of the tree into a gift to the community. They had it carved into the most gorgeous trendiest bear south of Lake Tahoe and this one had the privilege of being dressed as per tradition. Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day and now Easter, Bubba the Bubb road bear has become an icon of happiness, bonding the community as those passing by stop, smile, take pictures, ask passerby to take their pictures and chat around him.

In a world conflicted by discrimination based on  race, religion, color, ethnicity and more, it takes one person living in a small town of Northern California to strengthen the community by just carving a tree into a bear. The community anticipates the next look of Bubba bringing conversation, smile and much more. On a trip to the Grand Canyons during peak winter I recall seeing plenty snowmen built by tourists with different artistic capabilities all over the canyon trail . There were short and fat snowmen, tall and thin snowmen, one had lost an arm and I smiled as I saw the son fix it with a new arm and add a cute little hat. No one vandalized them, no one was seen jumping on them to break them either, as people, vehicles, animals walked around them, preserving them until they melted into the ground. Similarly on trips to the beach one sees castles, dungeons, tunnels, all made with great precision with the abundant sand and again I don’t recall seeing anyone purposely breaking them or walking over them. They are wiped out by nature as the waves wash ashore.

The inherent character in humans is to build, create, preserve, nurture much more than destroy, demolish or eliminate. Little acts of thoughtfulness, small gestures of kindness, living in selflessness go a long long way to achieve what a sum total of aggression, suppression, ignorance can’t.

Do you find those little acts of thoughtfulness in your community? Has someone shown you that small gesture of kindness and made your day? If yes, do share and pay it forward and if not, how about beginning it today to mark a beautiful Easter weekend. Bubba the Bubb road bear joins me to wish you folks a Happy Easter…

Pic courtesy: & yours truly





4 thoughts on “We are the world, we are the people…

  1. Wonderfully evocative. I have not come across what you have seen but I have come across random acts of kindness whether it is to cats or humans , there is this young lady who lives nearby and every evening I see her taking cat food and feeding the abandoned is a heartwarming sight to see those cats jump and play with her. The world needs more like her and less of the IS jerks


  2. Bubba has brought joy to my family for quite some time now – thanks for the post :-). We had something similar to your snowmen when we were growing up. My family vacationed in Tahoe and most winters someone built something out of snow in the woods outside our cabin before we arrived. I’m sure it was not for us, but at the time (and as optimistic young children) we thought it was for us. One year it was an entire kitchen, one year a stunning American Indian in full headdress. So much joy brought to strangers.


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