“Why lah! Why did you ask me to bring the server down lah?”  Said the banker to the software engineer as he struggled into the support hub carrying a server in his arms. Uh ho hmmm. A friendly pat on the back with a laughing reply of- “I didn’t want you to literally bring down the server lah!” confused the banker further. It surely does not mean that the banker was not smart or that the engineer was ultra smart, but it does emphasize the predicament of most people in the last few decades with technology changing, evolving, challenging and simplifying matters to some while mystifying the others. I am guilty of falling in the ‘mystified’ group and while the learning at times is exasperating it does have entertainment value.

imagesThose working in the field of technology are not strangers to these tech-jargon caused confusions. The most common one encountered was in Malaysia, ‘how to get out of window lah, it is bolted’ to the instructions of-‘now get out of windows.’ Seriously! Is Bill Gates listening? Oh why oh why call it windows of all the things! And then came Steve Jobs and suddenly apple is not just a fruit! Discussions on mouse usually are not referring to the rodent, cookies are not just small flat baked goodies, thread is NOT limited to sewing while crop is rarely associated with cultivation and cloud is not the white fluffy thing full of water floating in the sky. Oh yes, I can go on and on and on…..

While on a date with the hubby, I wished to check on the children and phoned home. Phoning teenagers and expecting the call to be answered was truly being unreasonably optimistic and repeated calls to both the son and the daughter went unanswered. Did I say that the hubby is a computer technology engineer? Not that it takes that particular qualification for application of most of the ‘tech stuff’ but what he  did next impressed and amused yours truly. He ‘found his mac’ forty miles away from ‘his i phone’ and remotely switched it and the apple TV off.  Lo behold, it didn’t take five seconds for our phones to ring with calls from the teenagers from home. And at that moment I fell in love again, with my enemy this time- the technology.

What could be technologically challenging in listening to music? The family has an account on spotify for this purpose and I begin my day listening to religious songs moving onto the mood of the day ranging from Pink Floyd to Taylor Swift. The other day just as my slow melodious Hindi religious songs of ‘Gayatri Mantra’ began, my phone rang. I heard laughter  in the background as the daughter giggled, “hey mommy, are you listening to spotify?” Hmm yes, why? Well, it so happened that she and her friends in college were also listening to  ‘their kind of music’ on spotify and when I switched on from the same account, my religious songs overrode their music to play “Gayatri Mantra” in their dorm 2500 miles away. (hysterical laughter…)

With apologies to the tech savvy people, many of my girl friends are technology challenged just like me and some are unable to follow this blog. The daughter has set it up for yours truly and  has made it very simple- just go to http://www.unnecessarydetailsblog.wordpress.com and to follow, like, comment, receive e mail about an update all one has to do is scroll down and subscribe. Thats all for now folks…Enjoy the rest of the week, and don’t forget to write in the challenges you might have faced with tech- NO logic….

  Pic courtesy: http://www.glasbergen.com

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