Unnecessary Detales

A blog to join the band wagon of blogs kind of late (un)necessary details/tales really,  will include topics ranging from nothing to something- random everyday happenings in our lives, regular everyday people. It is not promoting any food, diet, exercise, custom, ritual, thought, idea, belief, religion, culture or tradition. The idea is to have fun sharing unnecessary details or necessary tales. A narration of everyday random incidents that may provoke thoughts, humor, angst or no reaction at all, completely dependent on a person.

What happens when the neighbor blasts the music, how do you react to a bottle of milk slipping from your hand and shattering in the super market or how do you feel when your child returns home with an A after a series of C or a C after a series of A? What do you do when your colleague who was to work with you on a deadline reports sick? Do you cry wretchedly when a person you love has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease or do you vow to be the pillar of support they so need?  Change is the one constant in our lives and the grace with which we adapt to the change tells a lot about us.

Go to the (un)necessary (de)tales of the week and if you like what you read, follow my blog so as not to miss the latest update, share your thoughts and of course also share with like minded people who are able to find a story in everything- be it education, mugging, holidays, grocery shopping, designer shoe shopping, relationships, rains, rainbows and more…